Paul and Kate Flint

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Be the change with us



The bonus that is achieved when things work together harmoniously


Not only do we have individual and different skills and abilities - what one of us lacks the other has.


We push and challenge each other to reach and exceed our goals.  


This gives our teamwork a significant advantage.


Our success has come because we don't stand still and are continually learning.


Our culture of being fun, focused, organised, smart whilst having passion, energy and belief, attract abundance into our lives and also similar individuals who believe what we believe.


We also think that we can always do better!

We want to better ourselves all the time, in our relationships, business, fitness and wellness.


Be the change with us!!!


I went into work straight after leaving school at 15 with a clear idea that I wanted to work in an office until I retired.  Like many people, I chose a path early on that I believed was my only option.  I didn't have a pension or any savings and never had enough holiday entitlement to enjoy important moments with my daughter.  I lost my 'solid' job when the company closed after many years and found myself faced with some difficult decisions and some tough challenges ahead.


I used up a a few years trying to find something else - I retrained in a few professions, what I call my colourful career!  I became a business partner, beauty business owner, earned a teaching qualification and taught at a beauty college, and even obtained my personal publican licence and had my own pub.  


Each one of these jobs had a few things in common:  high start-up costs, very hard work, uncertain and long hours, no income security, lack of support, high pressure, lots of stress, limited pay ceiling, no pension and limited time freedom.  


In late 2012 I lost the pub - it meant losing our home and letting down my family.  What options do you have when you are past 40 and facing the prospect of starting again?  I was depressed, despondent, guilty - not a lot of fun to be around to be honest.  


I decided right there that I wanted to do something that matched my values.  Well, what options do you have when you need to start from scratch again or want something more?  When you want time freedom and to be able to help others whilst doing something fun that you are passionate about?  Not many I found!


I chose Network Marketing, or rather it chose me!  Small business start-up cost, choosing your own hours, full time or part time, huge support, no pressure, no stress, fun people, earn your worth with an unlimited pay ceiling and really importantly - time freedom?


Since starting in 2013, I'm confident I've made the right decision.  I love what network marketing can do for anyone.  I've found a way of life I believe in, which includes working with people I really value and enjoy being around as well as showing them how to copy my success.  


I am fitting my Network Marketing business in with my family and my full-time work in a Care Home as a Care Worker and Admin Assistant.  When you find something you treasure and can make a difference you just can't give it up!


I'm passionate about my health and wellness and I'm on a journey of constant self improvement.  I can think of nothing better than to be able to inspire just one person to make some positive changes in their world.


My mantra is "Be the change you wish to see in the world" and I aim to be the best I can be.


Did you know that you really can design your future no matter what is in your past?

loving and giving with Kate Flint

Heart Happy everything - family, food, fitness, fun and finances

Paul Flint European Summit

My background is science and a Science Teacher, private tutor, chef, brewer and sales and marketing professional.  As an employee I never liked being told what to do or the lack of freedom.


As a business owner I never liked the unpredictability of not knowing how many customers would come through the door and having to constantly look for new ones, often working just to pay staff wages.  I didn't like the fact that holidays cost me time - the cost of the holiday and the cost of the loss of business while away, so I didn't take any.


I didn't like my lack of pension or financial security for retirement.


What I have found now in network marketing solves all these problems:

*   I am earning my pension now so I know the minimum I will receive in retirement. *

*  Security for my family because if something happens to me the business continues to pay them. *

*  Predictability because of residual income and the freedom to stop and rest at anytime and still get paid.    If you had told me a few years ago I would be a professional network marketer I would have laughed.  It is the best thing I have ever done and the future holds total financial freedom helping others to realise their dreams too.


This is a continuous journey of personal development and growth as well as making a contribution to others.  


I consider network marketing to be a gift and by partnering with Wor(l)d Global Network I now have the greatest gift in network marketing and I do all I can to give this gift to others!


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